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Jupiter in Libra

What does having Jupiter in Libra mean?

You are philosophical, sympathetic and friendly. You expand your horizons and grow through using your ability to be outgoing with and well-liked by others. You have the ability to encourage others towards greater efforts. There is a love for beautiful things and perhaps an interest in art or law. On the negative side, there is danger of self-indulgence or extravagance, and a desire to improve social status through marriage rather than establishing a partnership based on true love. There may be more concern to demonstrate to the world that the marriage has been successful rather than happy. Much expense may be incurred through partnership, perhaps on account of the marriage partner's extravagant tastes.

Quick Facts - Jupiter and Libra side by side

ControlsProsperity and Growth
Rules House (IX)Ninth House and
(XII)Twelfth House
Rules Sign Sagittarius
Dignified in Sagittarius
Exalted in Cancer
Detriment in Gemini
and Virgo
Fall in Capricorn
Period11.9 Years
361 Days per Sign
The Scales
September 23 - October 22
House (VII)Seventh House
Ruler Venus
Birth StoneOpal
Power StoneAventurine
FlowerPink Rose

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