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Mars and Pluto in discordant aspect (Inconjunct / Semisextile)

What does having Mars in Discordant Aspect to Pluto mean?

Semi-sextile Aspect:
When Mars and Pluto are one House apart (within 30°±2°) they are said to be "semi-sextile" or "in semi-sextile aspect".

Quincunx Aspect:
When Mars and Pluto are five Houses apart (within 150°±2°) they are said to be "quincunx" or "in quincunx aspect".
The quincunx aspect is sometimes known as "Inconjunct".
You have a most powerful will and influence on others. People feel threatened by you and some may seek to stop you before you stop them. Powerful people may be brought into your life in order to teach you the proper use of power and leadership. You have strong desires and passions and when you want something, you pursue it obsessively and relentlessly until you achieve or obtain it. You may be so driven by your desire that you lose all objectivity. Compulsive, obsessive behavior is possible with this aspect and you need to control your fanatical tendencies. Your desire for power and control over others is probably quite developed and you need to watch this as no one likes feeling controlled. You should know that as you hate restraint and dislike taking orders.

You have a secret side to you and will not reveal your intentions to others until it best suits your purpose. You want to know everything about others, yet at the same time you do not want to tell them anything. You always try to keep the upper hand, no matter what the subject or situation. You love intensity and whether the outcome is good or bad does not matter half as much as long as the experience you gained was intense. Power struggles and relationships with a strong dominance/submissiveness motif are also likely.

You have enormous energy reserves, stamina and endurance and you need to remember that those around you do not as a rule share this same characteristic. Don't drive the people around you too hard for they probably do not have the ability to withstand all the stress, hard work and pressure that you are able to endure. You don't want to be known as a slave-driver, do you? Don't laugh. Learn to control and properly channel your energies.

With all that has been said, it should be obvious to you that you are capable of extraordinary effort and great achievement if you will direct your energies along positive lines. You can be a great force for good or ill, it all depends on how you direct your mind, your will and your desires.

Try to better learn how to work more in harmony with others. Cooperation will truly get you further ahead than competition. You don't want to make enemies on your way the ladder because you will meet those same enemies on the way down. And you will go down if you use under-handed or illegal methods to carry out your plans. Listen to other people's ideas and consider them for you may hear something you hadn't thought about before and learn from it. Even though you think you are mostly right, you can still learn a thing or two by listening and keeping an open mind. Give people a chance to express themselves and don't give them all the answers even if you know them. That way you will be serving them and building up treasure for yourself at the same time. One last point, it might be wise for you to remember that being excessively stubborn can easily turn friends into enemies.

Quick Facts - Mars and Pluto side by side

ControlsEnergy and Agression
Rules House (I)First House
Rules Sign Aries
Dignified in Aries
Exalted in Capricorn
Detriment in Libra
and Taurus
Fall in Cancer
Period687 Days
57.25 Days per Sign
ControlsTransfotmation and rebirth
Rules House (VIII)Eighth House
Rules Sign Scorpio
Dignified in Scorpio
Exalted in Aries
Detriment in Taurus
Fall in Libra
Period248 Years
20.6 Years per sign (on average)

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