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Mars in Conjunction with Pluto

What does having Mars in Conjunction with Pluto mean?

Conjunct Aspect:
When Mars and Pluto are in the same Sun Sign (or 8°-10° apart) they are said to be "conjunct" or "in conjunction".
This is a powerful aspect for good or ill. When you want something, I mean, you really want something and you do whatever it takes to get what you want. Hopefully, you will go about this in the right manner, respecting the wishes and needs of others rather than simply walking over whomever you feel is getting in your way. You are very zealous and almost fanatical when you get an idea into your head. This makes you capable of great reform and great construction or destruction, depending on how you employ your energies. You are strong-willed and stubborn and you never say die. You have more endurance than most of those around you and if you are in a position of leadership, it would be well for you to remember that others do not possess the energy and stamina that you have. So be careful you do not become the proverbial slave-driver.

Sometimes in the pursuit of your goals, you lose all objectivity and are completely driven by your desires and your passions. At times like this you let no one stand in your way. You insist on being completely right about everything you say or do. You have a large and powerful ego and it might be well for you to remember that humility and modesty make for easier going rather than an over-inflated ego. At least your co-workers and associates will think so.

Power fascinates you and most things you do may be because you want more and more control, over things, situations and people. This can make you a real tyrant to be around. Your tendency is not so much to work around things as it is to run over things, especially anything that gets in your way. You can accomplish so much if you will just be aware that some methods are more productive than others in the long run. You can be ruthless and impersonal when it comes to achieving your ambitions and goals in life. You have enormous energy and are capable of extraordinary effort and great achievement. You can also become a compulsive workaholic.

You have the ability to exercise subtle control over others. This can make it easy for you to manipulate others. I hope you remember two things. No one likes to be manipulated and you will eventually reap all that you have sown. You are a natural detective and ferret. Nothing escapes you as you have the ability to correctly size up people and situations. You may have difficulty in expressing your warmth and affection for others. At times you need to lighten up. You have the ability to accept life as you find it, without wishing everything to be different.

Quick Facts - Mars and Pluto side by side

ControlsEnergy and Agression
Rules House (I)First House
Rules Sign Aries
Dignified in Aries
Exalted in Capricorn
Detriment in Libra
and Taurus
Fall in Cancer
Period687 Days
57.25 Days per Sign
ControlsTransfotmation and rebirth
Rules House (VIII)Eighth House
Rules Sign Scorpio
Dignified in Scorpio
Exalted in Aries
Detriment in Taurus
Fall in Libra
Period248 Years
20.6 Years per sign (on average)

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