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Uranus in Retrograde

What does having Uranus in Retrograde mean?

Transiting retrograde Uranus lasts for about 155 days, once a year, therefore if it is likely to affect you personally one must look at the house it is transiting through as well as any aspects it is making in the natal chart. Only exacting aspects will apply with this transit. These effects will be immediately experienced as the disruption of the usual flow of affairs in the house it transits. Personal plans can be disrupted due to environmental conditions and throw your intentions of course. Structures quickly break down as situations challenge the status quo of activities. This transit can help put you in touch with needs for personal freedom of self expression that have been unfinished until this point in time. With this Uranus retrograde transit intuitive impulses turn inwardly and you may be able to stumble upon new ways of expression that would result greater self-illumination. You may not note much outwardly, but it will be stunning on your subjective levels and you will never see things quite the same way again in this area of your life. When mismanaged you may experience a period of strange mishaps which can rarely be analyzed or explained. The best way of using this period is to prompt you to look below the surface of matters to discover deeper, hidden causes previously ignored and to look at these matters in pure day light and objectivity. Uranus retrograde can give you great mental empowerment if you are willing to be honest and self-revealing about your life.

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