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Venus in Leo

What does having Venus in Leo mean?

In affairs of the heart you are warm-hearted, spontaneous, ardent, affectionate, loyal and generous. You hate pettiness and stinginess in your partner. You seek the Hero, the Prince or Princess, someone you can idolize and adore, someone you have great pride in or someone who can sweep you off your feet. You crave love, appreciation, and attention from others and like to be at the center of things. You are rather susceptible to flattery and love to feel SPECIAL. You want and enjoy drama in your love life and some grand romantic gesture or extravagant expression of generosity impresses you. You dramatize your emotions. You are honest, frank, attractive, kind, compassionate, and fun-loving with a charming personality. You find it easy to be in love with love. You may expect too much of people and thus become easily hurt. You must watch a tendency to be preoccupied with your physical appearance when you should be developing your inner potential. Vanity and becoming a show-off is possible. You need to be admired for your inner and outer beauty.

Quick Facts - Venus and Leo side by side

ControlsHarmony and Balance
Rules House (II)Second House
and (VII)Seventh House
Rules Sign Taurus
and Libra
Dignified in Taurus
and Libra
Exalted in Pisces
Detriment in Scorpioand
Fall in Virgo
Period225 Days
18.75 Days per Sign
The Lion
July 23 - August 22
House (V)Fifth House
Ruler The Sun
Birth StonePeridot
Power StoneRock Crystal

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