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Aquarius characteristics
Many persons born under Aquarius dedicate themselves to causes, take on great missions and advance the affairs of humanity in general. ... read more
Aries characteristics
Persons born under Aries are creative, keen, and highly adaptive, however they tend to also be impetuous and headstrong. ... read more
Cancer characteristics
People born under the Cancer sign are tried and true and have a tendency to cling to traditions.... read more
Capricorn characteristics
Capricorn is an educated, philosophic sign, resulting in many teachers, academics and deep thinkers. This does not prevent Capricorn people devoting themselves to practical things. ... read more
Gemini characteristics
Flexibility is the defining feature of this sign. Gemini people are not only adaptable; they are quick to grasp complex situations and will act on impulse, often very effectively ... read more
Leo characteristics
This is the sign of enthusiasm, denoting influential personality and natural leadership. Motivation and idealism are represented under Leo, for their intensity is revealed and amplified by the power of the Sun, which controls this sign ... read more
Libra characteristics
This is the sign of balance and justice, revealing characteristic of people who taking striving for balance to extremes. The Libra person is always trying to generate good will and camaraderie, even if they must go to great lengths to do so. ... read more
Pisces characteristics
Pisces is the most retiring and unaffected sign of the zodiac. Pisces people assimilate knowledge, yet often fail to demonstrate it, and may consider it to be inconsequential. There is a tendency to think that others who boast about their abilities must actually know more than they do. ... read more
Sagittarius characteristics
Action is the hallmark of this sign and while the persons born under Sagittarius tend to be proficient in many ways, they have the aptitude of remaining focused on their most important tasks. ... read more
Scorpio characteristics
Confident endeavors and a courageous nature drive this sign. This power of Scorpio must be steered by self-control and conviction and readied for action when needed. ... read more
Taurus characteristics
Strength is the controlling characteristic of this sign, but Taurus comes at a cost - a stubborn, intractable temperament that is challenging to transform. ... read more
Virgo characteristics
This is the most analytical sign containing many of the most skilled and yet most challenging characteristics in the entire zodiac. .. read more